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Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
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Published ahead of print 13 November 2021
Magdalena Gawrych, Justyna Holka-Pokorska
Aim: The aim of the first Polish pilot study was to conduct an initial analysis of the occurrence of mental issues related to such experiences as: fear, worry, sense of loss and grief in connection with climate change and ecology. The consequences of climate and environmental changes for physical health are increasingly well-documented. In contrast, psychosocial changes due to climate change and, in particular, the impact on mental health, remain unrecognized.
Material and method: Psychologists and psychotherapists were asked to share their clinical experience in diagnosing and treatment of patients reporting climate change-related mental symptoms. Climate change-related mental issues were operationalized as clinically significant symptoms meeting the criteria for anxiety and depressive disorders or adjustment disorders, and are known in literature as a solastalgia and ecological anxiety. The collection of data with the use of an on-line survey started lasted 4 months.
Results: Issues relating to ecology and climate change were present both in the contents of patient concerns (48.6% of respondents) and in patients’ hypotheses regarding their symptoms (16.7% of respondents) in the past 6 months of the respondents’ clinical work. Mental health professionals considered psychoeducation (62.5%), psychological support (73.6%), short-term psychotherapy (45.8%) and self-help groups (40.3%) to be appropriate mental health support interventions.
Discussion: The presented study provides evidence that mental health issues related to climate change are recognized by Polish psychologists and psychotherapists. The professionals can need comprehensive knowledge of climate-related mental health, including appropriate interventions.
Conclusions: These findings may be a ground for designing further research on this topic.

ISSN 1509-2046
eISSN 2083-828X

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